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Are you an independent franchise?

Suck it and see…

Are you an independent franchise? Well if so, we want to give you an ad on vivastreet. For nothing!

We’ve got thousands of independent franchises like you advertising on  because last month each ad got an average of 481 responses! But we are not trying to sell you anything…

We know it’s hard nowadays to work out where is best to put your ads. We are so confident you’ll be happy with the response your

The psychology of franchiseing and the roles we play

Like any successful business, franchiseing works on supply and demand. And even though there are hundreds of franchises out there, the majority of us do make a good living.

The best can earn a LOT of money, and only have to work a couple of nights a week.

This business will never disappear – whilst there is money to be earned and men (and women) to visit, there will always be franchises. If successful you can make a very decent living, whether you choose to be part o

Sex is sex, money is money: looking at franchiseing thr...

One thing that all franchises have in common is that they are selling a service. They are not selling their dignity, or a part of them, but simply a service.

And although the industry is still somewhat taboo, there are literally thousands of girls online, advertising themselves.

Many can make in a day what they would make in a month working minimum wage in a retail occupation. So who’s the smart one here?

Even Chris Armitt (the Assistant Chief Constable of

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