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UK Franchises: Make Cultural Stereotypes Work for You

It dawned on us that you don’t need to be ‘naturally exotic’, there are opportunities for all of us to make the most of our nationality or ethnicity.

For certain groups of women this seems easier than others. If you’re a Japanese franchise, for example, you could go down the traditional geisha route, dress in a kimono and make tea for your client or put a modern twist on things by offering to be a naked, human sushi plate!

The price is right what influences pricing for franchis...

Franchises come in all different sizes, races, and with different levels of experience.

The franchise industry is a playground for everyone. You are guaranteed to find a woman (or man) that is perfect for you.

Everyone knows that looks play big part in how much you can charge, but what else has an effect?

Some statistics

When you are selling anything, it is important to know your target demographic, and franchiseing is no exception. Anyone that is an independ

Why Independent Franchises Choose not to use an Agency

When you work as a British franchise there are two main ways to secure clients and make a living; you can either work for an agency or become self-employed and work independently.

Each has its advantages. With an agency, you could get the benefit of someone else handling your appointments for you, screening your clients or helping with the costs of professional photography and ad writing.

For these benefits you usually pay a fee or a percentage of your earnings and costs v

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